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Domestic Nuclear Holocaust Update

Another comforting step in the superficially-boring effort to scoop up, lock down and eliminate loose nuclear material around the world: The U.S. has spirited more than 160 pounds of spent nuclear fuel out of Kazakhstan since December--enough to make three crude nukes. The program which made this happen, the Global Threat Reduction Initiative, was one of the better initiatives of the Bush era, though I wouldn't be surprised if it has literally never been mentioned on, say, MSNBC.

Less comforting: CIA director Leon Panetta says of Pakistan's nuclear weapons, "We don't have, frankly, the intelligence to know where they all are located." Which means you can never be sure that one isn't missing. 

P.S. By chance, Obama met with the bipartisan denuclearization wise men (Kissinger, Shultz, Perry, Nunn) at the White House today.

--Michael Crowley