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A note to the GOP: I don't know the man, but conservative pundit (and former GOPAC political director) Peter Roff has all but outed himself as a Democratic mole:

The sudden re-emergence on the political scene of former Vice President Dick Cheney is somewhat puzzling. Why would a man who has occupied positions of authority in Congress and the White House, been a success in business, and has a wife who works outside the home want to re-enter the arena when he didn't have to? Could it be that he is testing the waters for a 2012 run for the Republican presidential nomination?

Admittedly it would be a tough row to hoe but, looking around, who else have the Republicans at the moment got?...

Cheney would unify and perhaps re-energize the Reagan coalition in ways that few if any of the potential GOP candidates could. As several conservative activist types with whom I spoke agreed, "He's solid on all the issues."

One can dream.

--Christopher Orr