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Obama Back To Jakarta?

In a roundtable with Muslim journalists after his Cairo speech, Obama teases at some future plans (and reminisces a bit). From the official White House transcript:

Q    Thank you, President Obama.  Of course, as an Indonesian, my first question would be when will you come to Indonesia?
THE PRESIDENT:  Oh, I need to come to Indonesia soon.  I expect to be traveling to Asia at some point within the next year and I would be surprised if when I came to Asia I did not stop by my old home town of Jakarta.  And I'll go visit Menteng Dalam and have some bakso -- nasi goreng.  These are some special dishes here that I used to eat when I was a kid.
Q    Actually I live only 300 meters from your old house.
THE PRESIDENT:  Is that right?
Q    Yes, Menteng Dalam.
THE PRESIDENT:  Except now it's all paved.
Q    Yes, it's all paved.
THE PRESIDENT:  Yes, see, when I was there it was all dirt, so when the rains came it would all be mud.  And all the cars would get stuck.
Q    And your school is much better now.
THE PRESIDENT:  It's nicer now, yes.

This has been another episode of He's Not George W. Bush.

--Michael Crowley