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Following Obama's Lead

Jonathan Martin has a piece about those pesky Dems teed up to buck the White House by challenging incumbents from their own party for Senate seats. In it, Joe Trippi (expected to be the chief strategist in Upper-East-Side Rep. Carolyn Maloney's quest to unseat Hillary-Senate-replacement Kirsten Gillibrand) raises an amusingly compelling point:

“Who do they think inspired these people to run?” asked Trippi.  “They started this. They took on the established order of the party. If they had listened to the establishment, Obama wouldn’t be in the White House. It’s hard for them to argue with this when they blazed the trail.”

Sorry, Mr. President. The desire for party unity and a filibuster-proof margin is understandable, but if you really wanted colleagues who'd toe the line when their team is in charge, you should have taken over the GOP.

--Michelle Cottle