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Who's Missing From The White House Salary List?

While paging through the much-remarked on list yesterday, I noticed it was both incredibly comprehensive--everyone from Rahm down to the most obscure "correspondence analyst" was on it--but also that a couple big names were missing. Two in particular jumped out at me: Mike Froman, a deputy national security adviser (who has a joint appointment with the National Economic Council), and Samantha Power, a one-time TNR contributor who is senior director for multilateral affairs, also at the NSC.

My understanding of what happened is as follows: The only salaries the White House is required to report to Congress are for people who work in the official "White House Office"--i.e., chief of staff, press secretary, deputy chief of staff, on down to ... correspondence analyst. Not required are salaries for people who work in other offices, like the National Economic Council, Domestic Policy Council, National Security Council--that is, the agencies that exist only in the broader "Executive Office of the President." (See here for an explanation of what sits where organizationally.)

The administration, in an attempt to be more transparent than its predecessors, wanted to release the salaries for basically everyone who works in the White House, even if they don't work in the official White House Office. They largely achieved this, but with the exception of the National Security Council, which apparently didn't quite get its act together in time. So some of the people who, like Froman and Power, draw their salaries via the NSC, aren't included.

All of which is a long-winded way of saying that all you Mike Froman and Samantha Power fans out there can breathe a little easier--your favorite NSC staffers are still manning the situation room.

--Noam Scheiber