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Just Give Palin A Few...decades

Via Andrew, here is Fred Barnes on Palin:

By itself, two months on the Republican ticket won't propel her to the presidential nomination. But there is a way: win Alaska's lone House seat in 2012 and oust Democratic senator Mark Begich in 2014. A term in the House and another in the Senate--nothing would do more to groom her for the White House than this and transform her into the best Republican candidate for the presidency in, say, 2020, when she'd be 56.

My question is this, Fred: Why limit your gaze to 2020? What about 2038? Palin will only be 74--just barely older than McCain was in 2008--and with likely medical advances, she should still be bursting with youthful charm. That is the problem with today's pundits--they only look two decades into the future.

--Isaac Chotiner