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North Korea, Myanmar And The Nuclear Nightmare

I feel like this episode isn't getting the attention it deserves:

The recent aborted voyage of a North Korean ship, photographs of massive tunnels and a secret meeting have raised concern that one of the world's poorest nations may be aspiring to join the nuclear club — with help from its friends in Pyongyang.

It's one thing for North Korea to stomp its feet like a child by means of missile and nuclear tests. It's another for them to try and export their nuclear program under our noses. White House officials I've spoken with in recent days are quite happy with the way their intensive diplomacy at the United Nations and among Asian countries enabled them to turn around that suspect North Korean freighter. But North Korea is a scary problem that's not going away anytime soon.

Update: Fox's James Rosen says the Obama team is preparing a new package of incentives for the Norks to abandon their nuclear program, which would represent the Obama team going out on a policy limb in a dramatic way. 

--Michael Crowley