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Julie & Julia & The Times

The Arts Section of today's New York Times carries a front-page ad for the movie Julie & Julia. It seems a bit unnecessary. After all, in the last five days, the Times has run at least four prominent stories about--or pegged to--Nora Ephron's latest film: this front-page Food Section article about the movie's food stylist; this front-page Arts & Leisure article about the film's portrayal of marriage; this Times Magazine cover story about cooking as spectator sport; and, finally, this Maureen Dowd column, which is little more than a Q&A with Ephron. And we're still four days away from the movie's opening! I'm sick of it already.

P.S. I'm really curious if tomorrow's Science Times section manages to find a tie-in. Maybe a piece about how Julia Child was secretly into molecular gastronomy.

--Jason Zengerle