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Films Worth Seeing

The Beaches of Agnes. Beaches have been especially dear in the life of Agnes Varda, one of the surviving members of the French New Wave. With beaches as base, she creates an autobiography of film clips, interviews, and diversions that is fascinating, lively, and frequently moving. (Reviewed 7/15/09)

Seraphine. A gem. The true story of Seraphine Louis, a French town drudge who was secretly a painter and whose work now hangs in museums. Martin Provost has written and directed with love and comprehension. Yolande Moreau plays Seraphine as if we were privileged to look in on the woman’s life. (7/1/09)

Summer Hours. The change in generations as viewed in a modern French family -- with canny perception and gentle rue. Three heirs to a house, some valuable paintings, and unusual furniture have to decide about keeping it all together or splitting the proceeds. The world, we see yet again but interestingly, is altering. (6/17/09)

The Windmill Movie. Richard P. Rogers, an American documentarian , died several years ago, leaving many pieces of an autobiographical film that he never completed. A student of his, Alexander Olch, has woven the pieces into an affecting portrait of Rogers , his Hampton milieu, his personal quandaries. (7/15/09)

By Stanley Kauffmann