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Films Worth Seeing

The Baader Meinhof Complex The giant wave of terrorism that swept Germany in 1967-1977, led by the so-called Baader Meinhof gang, is here treated intelligently,, revealingly. The young perpetrators are explored, the picture sears, the viewer is left enlightened and somewhat shaken. (Reviewed 9/23/09)

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.. Parts of David Foster Wallace’s tumultuous book are here rendered as (initially calm) research for a dissertation on men’s views of women. Various smolderings occur, and the interviews take life. (10/7/09) 

Still Walking.    A day with a Japanese family in its annual gathering. Full of ingratiating interest as we see matters strange and very familiar to us. The people are much closer than we might thank, yet without any smarm. (9/23/09).

35 Shots of Rum. A Parisian father and twentyish daughter live happily together, with their friends, co-workers, co-students. Inevitable matters of separation occur between father and daughter, and feelings run warm. Almost all the characters are black. Directed by the sensitive Claire Denis. (10/7/09)