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From the Archives: TNR on William Safire

Upon hearing of William Safire's passing, TNR went into the archives to see what we we had written about him. We found several book reviews, and an op-ed piece.

Talk Talk, by Louis Menand, February 16, 1987. A review of Safire's book Take My Word For It, among others. (We've only excerpted the Safire section.)

TRB: Holy Mackerel, Safire, January 30, 1984. An editorial on a controversy involving Safire and Charles Z. Wick.

Full Disclosure, by Stephen Hess, July 9, 1977. A review of Safire's novel, Full Disclosure.

White House Watch: Nixon Then and Now, by John Osborne, February 22, 1975. A review of Safire's book about the Nixon presidency, Before the Fall.