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Green Shoots: Koalas With Chlamydia Edition

A few Vine-esque stories from around the intertubes:

— In recent weeks, a bunch of electric utilities have left the Chamber of Commerce due to its opposition to action on climate change. So, today, the Chamber felt the need to clarify: "We've never questioned the science behind global warming." It's a nice sentiment, but as Brad Johnson documents, it's not even sort of true.

— Wow, this is horrible: Koala populations in Australia are vanishing thanks to an outbreak of chlamydia and some mysterious AIDS-like retrovirus. Umm… comprehensive sex-ed?

— As Matt Yglesias says, some strategies to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions (like urban infill development) may look modest in isolation, but add them all up and they can have a real impact. It's not like we need one big-bang answer.

— Global warming gets all the attention these days, but there are still plenty of other "traditional" environmental issues lurking out there—check out this AP report on how the drinking water in thousands of schools around the country contains unsafe levels of lead and pesticides.

— Philadelphia is experimenting with an innovative (and plant-heavy) approach to dealing with its stormwater runoff, rather than doing what cities usually do and just build massive and costly new sewage infrastructure.