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Is Corzine a Bigot (cont'd)?

Jeffrey Goldberg gets former FDA commissioner David Kessler's take on Corzine's fattist campaign strategy:

"This ad reflects a total lack of understanding, empathy and tolerance. No one should be criticized for being overweight. We're all wired to respond to different stimuli -- sex, gambling, alcohol, illegal drugs -- and for many people it's food. I would rather have this problem than some of these other problems. Some of the world's greatest leaders, from Winston Churchill to Ted Kennedy, struggled with their weight. This struggle has nothing to do with leadership abilities. It doesn't translate into a lack of control in any other part of a person's life.  In any case, voters identify with people  who are honest and open about their struggles. To be cruel to someone because of this struggle is just unacceptable. It shows a lack of understanding about human nature, and about the environment in which we live."

Amen. Look, I make no brief for Christie. The fact that he's not whupping Corzine--who's been less than impressive as a governor--doesn't speak very well to Christie's own political skills. But if Corzine's going to win this thing, he shouldn't win by appealing to people's prejudices.