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Daily Treatment, Full of Irony and Contradiction

The Congressional Budget Office tells us what legislation will cost, but can't always answer that question accurately. Lori Montgomery explains.

Some legislators representing rural states are very keen to keep down the cost of health care reform, except when it means paying their home-state hospitals less. Eric Pianin and Mary Agnes Carey have the story.

Matthew Holt: AHIP needs a public option.

Jordan Rau: AHIP needs truth serum.

Olympia Snowe tells Ezra Klein she still hopes to strengthen the bill she supported in the Senate Finance Committee. And she still isn't volunteering ways to pay for it.

President Obama likes to attack special interests as the scourge of good government. His White House has also worked with some of them on health care reform. Ben Smith and Kenneth P. Vogel lay out the details in Politico.