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The Quasi-Birthers

There are very few outright birthers holding national office in the Republican Party. What you do have is considerable numbers of Republicans who won't say that President Obama is an American citizens and won't say he isn't. Call them quasi-birthers. Sharron Angle falls into that category:

Appearing Thursday on the conservative blog talk show Libertarian Politics Live, Angle was asked by a caller whether she had “any doubts whether or not President Obama is a legitimate president or a naturalized born citizen.” 

“You know I think our Supreme Court has pretty much made that decision,” Angle said. “But I think what we’re dealing with now is the presidency of a year and a half here, and I feel that he is a weak president, and he has certainly put forward policies that have weakened America and weakened our stand in the world. We really, I’m very disappointed we didn’t feel that he was qualified purely because he had not the experience, he hadn’t – we didn’t know exactly how he was voting because he was only voting present when he was voting. And now we see that as a policy maker he has truly failed us.” 

In other words, the courts have ruled, I'm not going to fight this question, but I'm also not saying it was correct.