This week’s cover of The Weekly Standard features an image of Charles and David Koch being burned at the stake by a screaming liberal mob. The mob includes, among the liberal archetypes who frequently grace that magazine’s cover art, a fist-shaking hippie, his face partially obscured by the arm of a fellow, earring-wearing liberal.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that, when the Standard wants to depict liberals, the hippie is the go-to image. Indeed, though the influence of hippies culture has been on the wane for the last, oh, 40 years, on the cover of the Standard, they’re as ubiquitous as ever. Herewith, a pictorial tour of hippies on the cover of The Weekly Standard.

Hippies on the cover of the Standard have two moods: angry or stoned. These ones are definitely stoned.

Angry. Also, pretty left-wing, if you can pick up on the subtle ideological cues.

Angry blogger hippie.


Ironically, this cover story has no hippie imagery, even though it is actually about hippies.