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Netflix released a “Binge Scale,” but it still won’t tell us how many people watch its shows.

The streaming service—which is notorious for refusing to disclose any viewership numbers—tracked the data for over a hundred series to learn more about the way we binge-watch, and found that viewers who watch a show’s entire first season take an average of six days to finish.

When it comes to binging, though, not all shows are the same. Apparently, we’re more likely to gulp down entire seasons of thrillers and horror series—like The Fall, Penny Dreadful, and American Horror Story—in huge spurts, spending over two hours a day watching them. Political dramas like House of Cards and comedies like Bojack Horsemen and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt tend to be watched more slowly, relatively speaking.

The results of the study are interesting, but don’t forget that it’s also a marketing tactic for the streaming service. Netflix gets to remind us, along with broadcast networks, that binge-watching is the future—without having to own up to how many people actually watched Bloodline.