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This icy stare from Elizabeth Warren should put all dumb men on notice.

The populist senator from Cambridge had quite the Thursday, first demonstrating that it is possible to make personalized attacks on Donald Trump without sounding like you’re slumming, and then going on her old chum Rachel Maddow’s show to endorse Hillary Clinton with all the vigor of a running mate-in-waiting.

Maddow was pretty much her usual “Let me prompt you to say another brilliant thing!” self throughout the interview, until the final question: Does Warren, contra Ed Rendell, think she is prepared to be commander-in-chief?

You might see Warren’s three-word, grim-faced response as exactly the thing her media consultant would have recommended: Look resolute, senator, and don’t even engage with ridiculous Ed Rendell. You might also watch this and think, Jesus, Elizabeth Warren really wants to rip Ed Rendell’s head off. Or maybe it’s a combination of both.