Drew Angerer/Getty

Corey Lewandowski is Trump’s first fall guy.

Trump’s campaign has been in turmoil over the past several weeks, so it’s no surprise that his campaign manager has been fired, The New York Times reports.

The move suggests that Trump knows a shakeup is necessary. Lewandowski has been on the outs since he violently grabbed a female Breitbart journalist and Trump hired dictator-consultant Paul Manafort. But though Lewandowski is a problem, he is clearly not the problem (that would be Donald Trump), and early reports of the firing’s impact have been mixed. Senior Trump adviser Michael Caputo tweeted “Ding dong the witch is dead” after the announcement, but NBC News’s Ali Vitali reported that Trump staff wasn’t notified of the decision:

Trump may have found a scapegoat, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s struggling to raise money from skeptical donors, has only 30 paid staffers nationwide, and is about to face a barrage of ads in key swing states.