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It’s not suspicious at all that Trump would keep a switchboard in his private Mar-a-Lago quarters.

Evan Agostini/Getty

Trump definitely had (or has) a switchboard of some kind—the question is what purpose it serves. A report from BuzzFeed alleges that Trump used it to spy on guests and employees.

Trump’s former butler and his former security director told BuzzFeed that the switchboard simply made it easier for him to call staff and guests. But four others said that it was used specifically to eavesdrop. I am not an expert on switchboards or luxury hotels, but it certainly seems odd that Trump would have a switchboard placed in his private residence for reasons other than spying.

Like the case of Trump’s deleted emails, this is another allegation that undermines his core argument about Hillary Clinton: that she’s too corrupt to be president. But just as it’s hard to imagine a multi-billionaire buying Mar-a-Lago and deciding to turn it into a high-priced hotel, it’s hard to imagine said billionaire thinking that a good use of his time would be to monitor the activities of low-wage employees.

Of course, there’s another explanation—maybe Donald Trump’s just a pervert.