Getty/Spencer Platt

Trump finds new way to fund struggling campaign by suing former aide.

The presumptive Republican nominee has been lagging badly in fundraising but an innovate new revenue stream has opened up. The Associated Press is reporting that Trump is suing his former aid Sam Nunberg for $10 million for leaking information in violation of a non-disclosure agreement. The suit seems to spring from a New York Post gossip report about Trump aides Hope Hicks and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski having a screaming match in public. There are conflicting accounts of the dispute, with one source blaming it on personal relations while other sources said it was about campaign policy. According to the AP report:

In a court filing obtained by The Associated Press, Nunberg accuses Trump of trying to silence him “in a misguided attempt to cover up media coverage of an apparent affair” between senior campaign staffers. The document cited a New York Post story about a public quarrel between the staffers published last month.

The entire dispute reflects on the general disarray of Trump’s campaign. Lewandowski is of course no longer working for Trump and is now a CNN analyst, despite having also signed some sort of non-disclosure agreement that almost certainly limits his ability to critically assess Trump.

Whatever its petty origins, if Trump can collect some of the $10 million he wants, he’ll make some small headway catching up to Hillary Clinton’s massive advantage.