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John Hinckley will not be stalking anyone on Twitter.

The Twitterverse got very excited over the news that Hinckley, who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981 so he could impress Jodie Foster, will soon be released. Users proposed several ways Hinckley could use his newfound semi-freedom.

Unfortunately, most of these suggestions are for naught. As Washingtonian reports, Hinckley’s release conditions bar him from using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and any other fun social platforms (Myspace, anyone?).

Hinckley will move from St. Elizabeth’s in Southeast D.C. to Williamsburg, Virginia, as soon as next week to live with his mother. He already spends half his time in Williamsburg, where he apparently enjoys free-man delights like eating fro-yo, taking limousine rides, and hanging with his crew of stray cats.