Democrats need to work on their impressions.

Doing a decent Donald Trump impression is hard, but it’s not impossible. Darrell Hammond, Mary Houlihan, and Stephen Colbert do it well. (Houlihan’s is the best.)  

On Wednesday night, the centerpiece of Tim Kaine’s speech was a Donald Trump impression. It sucked, but that somehow made it more charming. Kaine was so far off the mark it somehow worked, even though there is no reality in which anyone would mistake it for Trump without that context being aggressively foregrounded. 

And then on Thursday, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm gave a delightfully zany speech, in which she sang and did her best JFK—it was even further off than Kaine’s Trump. 

These were both inexplicably charming moments, but they were truly, truly terrible impressions. Get your act together, Democrats—or at the very least sign up for a class at UCB.