Stephen Colbert has discovered the Trump campaign’s information feedback loop.

Last night, Colbert took a look at the pernicious way Rudy Giuliani has used the hermetically sealed world of Trump to spread conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton. (It’s a phenomenon which we’ve also noted.) Colbert examined Giuliani’s role in perpetuating rumors about Clinton’s health, and his having encouraged people to simply look it up on the internet for proof.

“I took Giuliani at his word; I Googled ‘Hillary Clinton illness,’” Colbert explained. “And this is true—the very first result is ‘Giuliani fuels Clinton health rumors again … and again.’”

“So let me get this straight, let me explain this to you. Here’s what’s happening: Giuliani says she’s not healthy, and then look it up on the internet. And when you look it up on the internet, it says Giuliani says she’s not healthy, and to look it up on the internet. It’s like an endless loop. It’s like a snake with a tail in its mouth—or a man with his head up his own ass. By the way, something you used to be able to see in Times Square before Giuliani came along.”

“But here’s the thing, I just want to say this to the Trump people out there,” Colbert concluded. “I don’t know why they keep saying things like ‘frail’ or ‘weak’ or ‘low-energy.’ You’re just tip-toeing around the medical condition that you’re really upset about—one that she has that no other president in history has ever faced. Hillary Clinton has chronic no-penis. It’s congenital—every woman in her family has had the same thing.”