Drew Angerer/Getty

What are you doing, Kanye?

It’s been a rough couple of months for Kanye West. His wife got robbed at gunpoint in Paris; he had what seems like a nervous breakdown, ended up in the hospital, and had to cancel a world tour; and his album, Life Of Pablo, has been eclipsed on most “best of” lists by David Bowie, Solange, Chance the Rapper, Angel Olsen, Frank Ocean, and Beyoncé. And then—just weeks after ranting about how Trump is good on stage—Kanye walked through the doors at Trump Tower for a meeting with the president-elect.

This has resulted in a lot of bad jokes—“No one man should have all that power!”; Trump is only meeting with Kanye because he’s worried about Kanye 2020!—and the extremely silly idea that this was all cooked up to distract the sheeple from Trump’s refusal to liquidate his business assets and/or sever his ties to Russia. Mostly though it feels like a nadir: Kanye is bad, and will be until he’s good again in 18 months. Also he has blonde hair now.