Drew Angerer/Getty

Kellyanne Conway is playing martyr and the press is a willing accomplice.

This morning the New York Post carried a headline that perfectly encapsulates the incoming Trump administrations successful attempt to portray themselves as victims of the culture wars: DC Private Schools Giving Kellyanne Conway the Brush-off. Reading the headline, you’d think that Conway, who is slated to take the position counsellor to the President, had been trying to find schools for her children and was told to go away. Here’s a story that is perfect fuel for Trumpian populist resentment: those elitists at their private schools, they are giving the high hat to the the President-elect’s most trusted advisor! Those elitists! They need to be put in their place.

The only problem with this story is that it isn’t true. In fact, Conway hasn’t even approached any schools yet, she just thinks that they might do this: No DC private school has given Kellyanne Conway “the brush-off.” Her fears are purely speculative, and the Post, along with other publications, is giving it a headline to make it look like it really happened.