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Here’s another reason Scott Pruitt might not get fired.

Ron Sach-Pool/Getty Images

A majority of Americans have no idea about the myriad scandals plaguing the Environmental Protection Agency administrator. Most of them don’t even know who he is, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov survey.

As I reported yesterday, Pruitt has survived these scandals in part because President Donald Trump still sees him as a political asset. “The president cares about his base and how they view Pruitt,” Trump’s former energy advisor, George David Banks, told me. “That may be the most important part of the job in the president’s eyes.” Trump’s supporters in West Virginia apparently told the president last week that they “love” Pruitt and don’t care about the allegations against him of corruption and taxpayer waste.

Pruitt is not just an asset to Trump in coal country. He’s also not a threat to Trump anywhere else. According to HuffPost, “Just a third of Trump voters ... say Pruitt has done anything wrong, and just 7 percent that his behavior casts an unflattering reflection on the president.” In other words, Pruitt’s scandals aren’t damaging Trump in any meaningful way, so the president might not see a compelling reason to fire him.