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Who doesn't want more Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson in their life?

After smashing through global box office records, The Fast and the Furious is going full Marvel. Variety reported Monday that the Vin Diesel-fronted franchise is in the early stages of developing prequels and spin-offs. 

It might seem like Diesel and Co. are selling out, but as a franchise devotee, I have to say I’m excited. Over seven movies, the Furious family has added so many new faces, without time to really flesh out their backstories. I’ve always wondered where characters like government agent Luke Hobbs (Johnson) came from, if he was already saving the world with his bulging muscles as a wee one. It’d be great to see what adventures carjacker-turned-hacker Tej (Ludacris) gets up to in between globe-trotting heists. There’s so much potential in the Furious universe; it’s just a shame Paul Walker won’t be there to see it.