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Despite much crying and pettiness from the governor’s office, twelve Syrian refugees are set to arrive in Texas today.

Getty Images News

Texas has led the way in resisting resettlement of Syrian refugees inside its borders, going so far as to sue the federal government in hopes of keeping them out. Last week the state withdrew its request for a temporary restraining order against Syrian refugees, though it is still seeking a preliminary injunction against them. 

And yet, despite all this and more, the state of Texas will become home to twelve Syrian refugees today, six of them children. The refugees consist of two families, one of which is headed to Dallas, and the other to Houston. The family destined for Dallas will join relatives already settled in the city, who are among the nearly 250 Syrian refugees now living in Texas. 

It’s good to know that, in spite of so much gubernatorial grandstanding, Texans are still living up to the state’s reputation for hospitality:

Volunteers have collected furniture, hygiene products and other items for the apartment - including a bicycle each for the two children in the family.