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Highlights from the 11th Republican presidential debate.

Geoff Robins/Getty Images

Can Donald Trump beat the con-man rap?

The debate in two awkward fist bumps.

The Republican field pledged to support Trump if he’s the nominee.

Ted Cruz’s alternative history of Detroit.

Cruz decided to take a “calmer than you are” approach to Trump.

Marco Rubio made a funny.

John Kasich thinks we need to learn to love our country’s homophobes.

The “release the tape” attacks on Donald Trump reveal the depths of the GOP’s pathology.

Trump’s two-front war.

Trump all but admitted he ran for president to spite Buzzfeed.

Cruz might have eaten something off his face.

The only hope to stop Trump is a brokered convention. 

Trump thrives in chaos and this Republican debate was chaos.

The debate was a great lesson on the dangers of toxic masculinity. 

Trump literally made the Republican race about his penis.