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Fans want Zack Snyder to stop ruining their favorite superhero movies.

Two petitions are circulating calling for Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment to remove Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder from their upcoming slate of blockbusters.

DC Comics has been trying to capitalize on the superhero movie boom by building its own version of Marvel’s cinematic universe, which has grossed just south of a bazillion dollars over the last eight years. And while DC’s offerings have so far been box office successes—Batman v Superman grossed over $160 million its opening weekend—critics and fans have been unkind towards the films’ convoluted story lines and questionable casting decisions. 

It’s unlikely Warner Brothers is in any rush to part ways with Snyder, though. Besides the huge box office haul, the next Justice League movie is supposed to start shooting in April for a November 2017 release, with Snyder at the helm.