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Primary Concerns Episode 15: Hillary Clinton’s Two-Front War

Adam Peck for New Republic/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton is taking fire from all sides. On her left, Bernie Sanders is demanding a high price for unifying the party. On her right, Donald Trump is playing every dirty trick available to him: deploying debunked Clinton conspiracy theories from the 1990s, and even accusing Clinton of enabling her husband’s sexual indiscretions.

This week, editor and publisher of Talking Points Memo Josh Marshall talks
about the challenge Trump is posing to marquee media. How do political reporters balance the need to correct his false claims with the pressure to scrutinize both parties equally as proof of journalistic objectivity?

Then, New Republic culture news editor Alex Shephard joins the show to discuss why it isn’t Sanders’s job to unify the Democratic party, the type of demands he can make of Clinton, and last week’s brouhaha at the Nevada state convention.

Further reading:

  • Josh Marshall’s look at Trump’s accusations around sexual violence, and why this is the ultimate gendered election, in TPM
  • Alex Shephard on why it isn’t Bernie Sanders’s job to unify Democrats, in the New Republic
  • How Sanders can break the mold of other leftist insurgents, by Brian Beutler for the New Republic