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Primary Concerns Episode 20: The Globalist vs. the Nativist

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The first full week of July proved to be one of the most most eventful of this presidential campaign. On Tuesday, after a long, holiday weekend, FBI director Jim Comey lashed out at Hillary Clinton for carelessly handling classified information when she was Secretary of State. At the same time, he determined that she should not be prosecuted for a crime.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, began his week by tweeting out anti-Clinton Neo-Nazi propaganda. Then, he praised Saddam Hussein for denying Iraqis due process before killing them. Then, he defended both actions, despite calls from members of his own party to give it a rest. Amidst all this, senators Bob Corker and Joni Ernst dropped out of contention to be his running mate.

If Trump is determined to campaign by his own rules, is there anything conservatives can do about it? Will any respected Republican agree to be his vice presidential nominee? And is Clinton really as untrustworthy and corrupt as the media narrative goes? Michael Brendan Dougherty, senior correspondent for The Week, calls in to the show to discuss.

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