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The Secret Service has paid Donald Trump $1.6 million to fly on his plane.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

According to Politico U.S. taxpayers have spent $1.6 million to buy the Secret Service seats on a plane run by one of Trump’s companies. To note, it’s standard for the agency to reimburse candidates for travel costs since security is required—a practice that made more sense when candidates weren’t running billion-dollar campaigns. For example, the Secret Service has reimbursed the Clinton campaign for $2.6 million, but—important difference here—the money goes to an airline company in which the Clintons have no financial stake. It’s also possible, Politico notes, that the Secret Service could be paying to stay in Trump hotels, but those expenses wouldn’t show up in FEC filings.

In total, Trump’s “scampaign” has spent $8.2 million on Trump-owned businesses. Revelation after revelation about Trump’s Ponzi scheme methods have come out over the past few weeks, such as his spending $258,000 of Trump Foundation money to settle his own legal problems. The problem is, it still remains to be seen how much any of this will actually hurt his chances come election day.