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The smallest violin is playing for these Republicans crying about the Neil Gorsuch filibuster.

Justin Sullivan/Getty

On Monday, Democrats in the Senate mustered enough support to filibuster Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination: 41 senators now oppose the Colorado judge’s nomination. This has made some Republicans very mad!

“How many [Democrats] are willing to oppose cloture on a partisan basis to kill a Supreme Court nominee, which has never happened before in history, the whole history of the country?” asked Mitch McConnell on Meet The Press on Sunday.

“This is unprecedented in American history, a partisan filibuster of a Supreme Court nominee,” Senator John Cornyn said on Face The Nation, proving that this was, in fact, a talking point.

And things only got more heated on Monday:

The argument that the Democrats are just up to some POLITICAL TRICKS and that this has NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE is very rich. The filibuster of Gorsuch is punishment for Republicans refusing to even meet with Merrick Garland, who was nominated for the Supreme Court by Barack Obama in March of 2016. They effectively filibustered his nomination to the court, violating a number of political norms in the process. The Democratic filibuster of Gorsuch is about the blatant stealing of a Supreme Court seat, not Gorsuch.