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Fighting the Secret Plan to End Obamacare

Democratic strategist and CNN political analyst Hilary Rosen explains why health care should be Democrats' first, second, and third priorities right now.

Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Republicans are crafting a secret health care bill, and nobody has any idea how to stop them from passing it.

President Trump is champing at the bit to fire the Justice Department special counsel investigating him and his associates for obstruction of justice, and financial and election-related crimes.

In the suburbs of Atlanta, voters will determine Tuesday night whether Democrats flip the conservative sixth district, and create a new benchmark for the political environment Trump’s presidency has created, or not.

Here’s how all these stories interlock.

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  • Republican panic over Trump scandals is making them more, not less, likely to ram through an unpopular agenda.
  • The secret health care bill is an affront to democracy and the age of Enlightenment.