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Donald Trump, who still has not broken his silence on Roy Moore, goes after Al Franken.

Alex Wong/Getty

Late Thursday night, President Trump tweeted about a now-famous photograph of Al Franken reaching toward a sleeping woman’s breasts, and suggested that Franken may have gone much further than what the photograph shows:

The allegations made against Franken on Thursday by Leann Tweeden are disgusting and deserve action. But Trump has absolutely no credibility when commenting on sexual harassment and assault. He has been accused of harassment by a number of women; in turn, he has denigrated them as liars and claimed they were too ugly to be assaulted. He was recorded on tape bragging about “grabbing women by the pussy.” He brought women who had accused Bill Clinton of harassment and assault to a presidential debate in an attempt to deflect from allegations about his own misconduct. He has a long, well-documented history of making sexist comments. And he has yet to publicly comment about the disturbing allegations of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore.