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The Brexit is another sign that Trumpism is a global phenomenon.

I wrote recently that the campaign to leave the European Union is partly motivated by an antiquated notion of British greatness. This is certainly true of members of David Cameron’s Conservative Party who feel that the European Union has constrained—not enhanced, as nearly all economists believe—Britain’s potential.

But the other force behind the “Leave” campaign is plain anti-immigrant sentiment, which has become more pronounced as Britain heads toward a vote on June 23.

The “Leave” campaign even has its own Trumpian spokesman in former London Mayor Boris Johnson, who has drawn comparisons to Trump for his demagoguery, suggesting “that the E.U. and Hitler both had the same goal,” as Griff Witte of The Washington Post notes.

One important difference, for now, is that Britain appears to be leaning toward an exit, putting Johnson in a position to oust Cameron, whereas Trump is flailing.