David Cameron spent his last day as prime minister doing what he does best: roasting Jeremy Corbyn and lying about his cat.

Cameron gave something of a bittersweet speech at his final Prime Minister’s Questions, reflecting on the value of public service and recalling one of his most famous burns. Here’s the end of his remarks:

The last thing I would say is that you can achieve a lot of things in politics. You can get a lot of things done. And that in the end, the public service, the national interest, that is what it is all about. Nothing is really impossible if you put your mind to it. After all, as I once said, I was the future once.

Back in 2005, during Cameron’s first PMQs as leader of the then-opposition Conservative Party, he absolutely torched Tony Blair as being old and helplessly out-of-touch, saying “He was the future once.” Now, with his reputation and career in tatters, Cameron turned that famous quip around to poignantly self-own.

But it wasn’t all melancholy. Cameron also took some time during his final PMQs to make fun of Jeremy Corbyn one final time. Responding to a question from the embattled Labour Party leader, Cameron briefly changed the subject, telling Corbyn that back in 2015 he got an email from someone called Judith, telling him to fear Tom Watson but welcome Corbyn as the new leader of Labour because Corbyn would tear the Labour Party apart. “I must find the sender to find out what happens next,” Cameron quipped.

Finally, Cameron took some time to sign on to Twitter and lie about his relationship with his cat, Larry, who is being left behind at 10 Downing St. because Cameron hates animals and only got the cat because he was widely seen as being hopelessly out of touch by the British public.

This is proof of nothing. First of all, if this grainy, out-of-focus shot is the best available evidence that David Cameron loved his cat, then David Cameron did not love his cat. Second, Cameron looks like he’s asking his butler to “get this thing” off of him in this picture—he seems baffled by the very concept of cats and the concept of affection between humans and animals in it. Cameron’s true last act as prime minister is abandoning a helpless animal that he hates, which is oddly fitting.