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Here are the highlights from Thursday’s Democratic debate.

Win McNamara/Getty

Hillary Clinton’s message to Bernie Sanders was that he’s no friend of Obama’s, wrote Brian Beutler.

Here’s why Sanders kept talking about Henry Kissinger, Alex Shephard explained.

Clinton wants you to believe she is Barack Obama, Rebecca Leber wrote.

Clinton tried to smother Sanders with agreement, Jeet Heer observed.

She was also trying to hold a referendum on the Obama era, Laura Reston argued.

They both talked around systematic racism, Heer said.

Clinton and Sanders sparred over deporting immigrant children, Steven Cohen wrote.

The debate did have the chillest vibe of this entire primary, Elizabeth Bruenig noted.

But it was an audiophile’s nightmare, Shephard complained.

The candidates were often in “vigorous agreement,” Ryu Spaeth said.

Bernie Sanders found his “You’re likable enough, Hillary,” Shephard noted.

You know you’re at a new stage of the Democratic primary when race gets brought up unsolicited, Steven Cohen observed

In a first, Leber wrote, Sanders was the token man at the otherwise all-female debate.