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Grierson & Leitch Episode 10: Batman v Superman, Election, and Field of Dreams

MTV Films/Paramount Pictures

Sometimes, superhero movies help you see beloved childhood stories in entirely novel ways. Other times, they deliver tired tropes of familiar characters, with plot lines crafted only to set up money-making sequels. The only fun part of the latter comes from reviewing them afterwards, as Tim Grierson and Will Leitch do this week with the new release Batman v Superman. They discuss everything from Zack Snyder’s directorial choices, to the movie’s mystifying plot holes, to the inauspicious future of the superhero genre.

Also on the podcast: Grierson and Leitch re-watch two classic movies suggested by listeners. This week’s picks are Election, the 1999 movie starring Reese Witherspoon as high school overachiever Tracy Flick, and 1989’s Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner—just in time for the start of baseball season.

If you include the name of a film in an iTunes review of the podcast, the guys could give you a shoutout and discuss your movie on their next show.

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