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Grierson & Leitch Episode 11: Everybody Wants Some, Shotgun Stories, and Shattered Glass

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Going solo, Tim Grierson reviews Richard Linklater’s fun and hilarious take on the 1980s, Everybody Wants Some, a true hangout movie with surprisingly poignant moments. 

Also on the podcast, the guys finally weigh in on one of the year’s better regarded films, Zootopia, and give a mini-review of Don Cheadle in Miles Ahead. Grierson and Leitch also revisit two classic movies suggested by listeners: This week’s picks are Shotgun Stories, a 2007 drama by Jeff Nichols set in rural Arkansas, and one that is slightly closer to home, 2003’s Shattered Glass.

If you include the name of a film in an iTunes review of the podcast, the guys could give you a shoutout and discuss your movie on their next show.

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