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Grierson & Leitch Episode 23: Independence Day, The Neon Demon, The Shallows, and More

20th Century Fox

This week’s podcast is a smorgasbord of new releases, from action to horror to fantasy films. First, Tim Grierson and Will Leitch discuss Independence Day: Resurgence, the sequel to the 1996 aliens-versus-humans blockbuster starring Will Smith (who does not make a repeat appearance) and Jeff Goldblum (who does). Then it’s on to the new horror flick The Neon Demon, in which Elle Fanning plays a young fashion star swept up in a world where beauty is more important than life or death. The guys staunchly disagree over this film; for the first time in this podcast’s history, their ratings are two full letter grades apart.

Next, Grierson talks through his thoughts on three other new releases: Free State of Jones (Matthew McConaughey, Civil War), The Shallows (Blake Lively, sharks), and Swiss Army Man (Harry Potter, deserted island).

For the weekly Reboot, they turn to The Rocketeer, a 1991 superhero film from Disney that recreates the Hollywood of the 1930’s, complete with Howard Hughes, Nazi spies, and aviation goggles. To suggest a Reboot film, leave the show an iTunes review and include the name of a movie at the end.

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