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Who Said It?

Who Said It: Steve Bannon or Jack Donaghy?

When the anti-elitist rhetoric of the privileged all sounds the same

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The smug cynicism of Jack Donaghy (played by Alec Baldwin) dominated Tina Fey’s acerbic send-up of the corporate-entertainment complex, 30 Rock. Donaghy’s attempt at portfolio expansion (transitioning from microwaves to television programming) proved comically disastrous—not unlike the woes of another working-class, Ivy-educated business wunderkind and paragon of self-regard. Steve Bannon at least knew how to build a media giant (the online cesspool Breitbart), but he was practically drop-kicked out of the ultimate C-suite: the White House. See if you can identify which egomaniac’s quote is which.

This poll originally misstated the correct answer to #9.