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“Amazon, I’m Lookin’ at You”: Elizabeth Warren on Paying for the Budget Bill

The Massachusetts senator asks: Are we really going to tell pre-K kids that billionaires can’t afford it?

Elizabeth Warren in front of a green and black backdrop

As crunch time approaches for the Democrats on Capitol Hill on the budget and infrastructure bills, TNR Editor Michael Tomasky spoke via Zoom on Tuesday afternoon with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren about where things stand right now; her priorities for the budget bill, including taxing wealth and creating a nationwide network of childcare centers; the fate of these bills and next year’s midterms; the Biden administration’s antitrust policy; and the latest Wells Fargo scandal and whether she believes President Biden should reappoint Jerome Powell as Fed chair.

This is the inaugural edition of Tomaskycast, a regular series of Zoom interviews Tomasky will do with politicians and other newsmakers.