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“It’s Called Heresy”: A Chilling New Film on Christian Nationalism

Editor Michael Tomasky speaks with filmmaker Stephen Ujlaki and the Reverend William Barber II about “Bad Faith,” Ujlaki’s important new documentary on the right.

Illustration by The New Republic

Stephen Ujlaki began his career in film “50 years ago doing antiwar films.” In the intervening years, he’s produced many feature films, but this spring he’s out as co-director (and producer and writer) of the documentary Bad Faith, a chilling look inside the world of Christian nationalism.

Partial spoiler alert: It’s ugly. Their goals are frightening. And not exactly very Christian. “We have a name for it,” said the Reverend William Barber II, the esteemed leader of North Carolina’s “Moral Monday” protests who is featured prominently in the film. “It’s called heresy.”