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Highlights from the ninth Republican presidential debate.

JIM WATSON / Getty Images

Here’s everything you missed from Saturday’s GOP battle in South Carolina, hosted by CBS News.

The candidates “have become Trumpized—i.e., resorted to a childish state of pouting and invective,” writes Jeet Heer.

Here’s the exact moment that CBS News lost control of the debate.

Trump attacked the debate audience yet again.

The audience booed the facts.

Ben Carson quoted Stalin. But Stalin never said that

The 2003 anti-war movement has found its voice: Trump.

Cruz repeated the bogus conservative talking point about filling Supreme Court vacancies in presidential election years.

Trump wants the Senate to “delay, delay, delay” Obama’s eventual nominee.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio battled en español.

Rubio left out a crucial detail about his child tax credit proposal: the poorest families will benefit least from it.

And Trump accused Bush of threatening to moon people.