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The top 14 Ben Carson moments from the 2016 race.

He is definitely no longer running for president. Here were the highlights of his presidential campaign:

That time he recited the preamble to the Constitution.

That time he said Putin is a one-horse country.

That time he held a one-man moment of silence.

That time he flew home to get a change of clothes.

That time he tweeted an ode to The Eagles.

That time he saw 13 Hours.

That time he said he will fight terrorism with things-that-they-don’t-know-about resources.

That time he talked about the fruit salad of life.

That time he waxed apocalyptic about exoatmosphere nuke attacks. 

That time he called a meeting of the five families.

That time his own adviser said he was unable to grasp even “one iota of intelligent information about the Middle East.”

That time he said the Star of David is on the dollar bill (it’s not).

That time he cited chain email Josef Stalin misquotes.

That time his campaign was accused of running an elaborate scam.