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Marjorie Taylor Greene Roasted After Flunking Basic History Lesson

Why hasn’t MTG taken her post on the Declaration of Independence down yet?

Marjorie Taylor Greene looks downward as she walks outside
ALLISON BAILEY/Middle East Images/AFP/Getty Images

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene spent the Fourth of July weekend getting barbecued after boldly declaring that several people who did not sign the Declaration of Independence were signers of America’s most well-known document.

Tweet screenshot Marjorie Taylor Greene: The average age of the signers of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 was 44 years old, but more than a dozen were 35 or younger: Thomas Jefferson: 33 John Hancock: 39 James Madison: 25 Alexander Hamilton: 21 James Monroe: 18 Aaron Burr: 20 Paul Revere: 41 George Washington: 44 Readers added context they thought people might want to know James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe, Aaron Burr, Paul Revere, and George Washington were not signers of the Declaration of Independence.…

Among those Greene incorrectly claimed as signers of the Declaration of Independence was Alexander Hamilton, the subject of an extremely famous Broadway musical about his life prior to and after helping craft and sign the Constitution in 1787—more than a decade after the Declaration of Independence was adopted. In addition, Hamilton was 19 when the Declaration of Independence was signed, not 21 like Greene stated.

It’s unclear where Greene got this information, what prompted her to post it, or why, days after making it, she hasn’t taken it down or corrected it. One user mused that were Greene to have to take a citizenship test, as all immigrants to the United States seeking citizenship must do, she would likely fail, while others wondered how a sitting member of Congress could be so brazenly ill informed about U.S. history.

Tweet screenshot Nate Sibley @NateSibley: She’s lucky to have been born an American citizen, because she’d fail the civics test that I, and other legal immigrants, have rightly had to pass to become one.
Tweet screenshot Tim Faulkner @TimFaulkner81: Why do we have people making laws who couldn't pass a fifth grade history class?!?
Tweet screenshot Kevin Baum @kevinbaum013: I know this is crazy, but hear me out—maybe we shouldn't elect morons to Congress.

Other users skewered Greene by building on her list of signers detached from reality, adding names like Karl Marx, Gandalf, Kermit the Frog, and Beethoven.

Tweet screenshot Drew McKevitt (on a hiatus, mostly) @drewmckevitt: Karl Marx was -42 when he signed the Declaration. Hard to believe
Tweet screenshot duncan @dunkbutler: She forgot a few other signers… Abraham Lincoln: 50 Gandalf: 1,892 Elvis Presley: 8 pb banana & bacon sandos A Sasquatch: N/A Colonel Sanders: 69😏
Tweet screenshot Mr. Newberger @jeremynewberger: I think @RepMTG forgot: Kermit the Frog: 2 Alfred E. Neuman: 8 Vicki from Small Wonder: 9 Scrappy Doo: 7 Benjamin Franklin Gates from National Treasure: 32
Tweet screenshot J.R. Lind @jrlind: Ages in 1776 of people who - like Madison, Hamilton, Monroe, Burr, Revere, and Washington - did not sign the Declaration: Edmund Burke: 47 Taksin The Great: 42 Bronny James: -228 Bronson Pinchot: -183 Beethoven: 6 Cardinal Richelieu: 9 (he wasn’t a cardinal yet)

Only two of the people Greene named actually signed the Declaration of Independence: Thomas Jefferson, who wrote it, and John Hancock, who was the first to sign it. Here’s the full list of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and here’s an explainer about the differences between the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.

Marco Rubio Has Very Comforting Defense of Project 2025 Leader Threat

The vice presidential hopeful saw no issue with the Project 2025 leader’s comments.

Marco Rubio walks
Andrew Harnik/Getty Images

Senator Marco Rubio ran a flimsy defense for Donald Trump Sunday, after the former president tried to distance himself from a conservative think tank’s fascist plan for Trump’s potential presidential takeover.

During an interview on CNN’s State of the Union, Dana Bash played the Florida Republican a clip of Kevin Roberts, the president of the Heritage Foundation. The far-right think tank is behind Project 2025, a sweeping 180-page shadow platform that explains how to roll back rights and tear apart the administrative state and replace civil servants with loyal Trump sycophants.

Bash played a clip of Roberts making a chilling warning during an appearance on the far-right network Real America’s Voice last week. “We are in the process of the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless—if the left allows it to be,” he said.

“Are you comfortable with that?” Bash asked Rubio.  

“Well, he’s not running for president, is he?” Rubio said. “I mean, our candidate’s Donald Trump. I didn’t see Donald Trump say that.”

“Donald Trump’s running on common sense, on restoring common sense versus the lunacy of the last four years, on the far left, and the shadow government that now is running our country with Joe Biden as its figurehead. That’s what he’s running against.

“Think tanks do think-tank stuff,” Rubio said, as nonchalantly as one might say, “Fascists do fascist stuff.”

“Look, I like the Heritage Foundation, I agree with some of the things they stand for,” but, Rubio said, the group has a lot of different projects. 

“And Donald Trump is running on restoring common sense, working-class values, and making our decision on the basis of that, and not on ideological lunacy, which is what we’ve seen over the last four years under Joe Biden.”

“Is that what Project 2025 is, is ideological lunacy?” Bash asked. 

“No, I think it’s the work of a think tank. Of a center-right think tank, and that’s what think tanks do,” Rubio said, going on to argue that plenty of “left-wing think tanks” and “opinion writers” had now become the policy of the Biden administration. How that point could possibly help his argument that Project 2025 should not concern voters is unclear.

Since Roberts’s cryptic threat last week, Trump has tried to claim that he doesn’t know what Project 2025 even is, although it was written by several former members of his administration. 

The Latest Top Democrats Urging Biden to Withdraw Will Surprise You

More Democrats are starting to pull their support from the beleaguered president.

Jerry Nadler speaks
Samuel Corum/Getty Images
New York Representative Jerry Nadler

More top Democrats are vehemently shifting away from President Joe Biden after a disastrous debate performance last month revealed key issues with the chief executive’s age.

The number of lawmakers who believed that Biden should throw in the towel in the 2024 race outweighed the number backing his decision to stay in, during a Democratic leadership call on Sunday afternoon. At least four more prominent Democratic representatives joined a growing chorus urging Biden to step out, reported NBC News. Those lawmakers included New York Representatives Jerry Nadler and Joe Morelle, California Representative Mark Takano, and Washington Representative Adam Smith. All four men serve as the ranking members on powerful House committees.

But even lawmakers who didn’t outright agree that the former president’s place on the November ballot was compromised thoroughly questioned his ability to retake the White House for a second term. Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin, Virginia Representative Don Beyer, and Connecticut Representative Jim Himes expressed concerns that Biden was not the strongest candidate the party could put forward.

Most lawmakers on the call believed that Vice President Kamala Harris would be a stronger option at the top of the ticket, calling her the obvious choice to replace Biden should he leave the race.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries held the hour-long call with the Democratic brass but did not weigh in with his opinion on the movement to oust Biden, according to CNN.

Last week, Representatives Lloyd Doggett, Raúl Grijalva, and Seth Moulton formally called on the president to exit the race. But many more have signaled their preference in subtler ways, including legacy politicians such as Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the latter of whom suggested that growing concern over both candidates’ ages was a “legitimate question.”

Panic over Biden’s age and ability has consumed the Democratic Party since the president’s abysmal debate performance last week, during which he appeared dumbfounded and frail through the majority of his first 2024 matchup against Donald Trump. Since the face-off, droves of private-sector leaders, donors, and consultants have urged Biden to call it quits, looking for spontaneous alternatives to a candidate that they openly describe as “comatose” and “dead.”

Read more about the calls to Biden:

Trump Demands Judge Cannon Take Action After Supreme Court Ruling

Donald Trump is using Clarence Thomas’s opinion in the Supreme Court immunity ruling to make his classified documents trial disappear.

Donald Trump speaking at a lectern
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s lawyers on Friday used the Supreme Court’s immunity ruling—and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s concurring opinion—to argue that his entire classified documents case should be put on hold until the constitutionality of special counsel Jack Smith’s appointment is clarified.

Trump’s legal team filed a notice of supplemental authority asking the Trump-appointed Cannon to review Smith’s qualifications to pursue the case, citing Thomas’s opinion that questioned whether Smith was legally appointed to his position.

“Highlighting grave separation-of-powers concerns, Justice Thomas suggested that [U.S. penal code 28 subsections 515 and 533] do not establish ‘by Law’ Jack Smith’s position under the Appointments Clause,” the motion states.

In an ouroboros of conservative chaos, Thomas’s questioning follows Trump’s lawyers crafting that argument to Cannon, which The New York Times describes as one of the “far-fetched issues” Trump’s team has raised in an effort to remove Smith from the case. A notice of supplemental authority is essentially a summary of notable concerns addressed in oral arguments, meaning Trump’s lawyers argued against Smith being on the case, which Thomas in his concurrent Supreme Court opinion that ruled in Trump’s favor also floated, which Trump’s lawyers then used as support for their argument to remove Smith.

The notice follows hearings held by Cannon exploring whether Smith was legally appointed. The crux of the argument from Trump’s lawyers (and Thomas) is that special prosecutors have so much power, they should be voted into their roles by Congress and that Smith’s appointment is unconstitutional—even though settled law states the attorney general can appoint a special prosecutor and they are accountable to the attorney general.

“The legal issues and questions she claims to be struggling with are quite basic,” Joëlle Anne Moreno, a law professor at Florida International University, told The New York Times in June. “Most judges would consider many of the defense arguments to be meritless.”

Cannon has struggled with basic law concepts, is reportedly prone to exploitation due to her inexperience, and has shown unusual deference for Trump—including intervening in a Trump lawsuit arguing the classified documents he kept were his personal property, which Cannon ruled in his favor only for it to be overturned. That failed intervention provoked calls from more experienced judges to encourage Cannon to pass the case over to a better qualified judge when it was assigned to her in 2023, which she refused. Cannon also postponed the case indefinitely in May, and has spent weeks entertaining questions about Smith’s qualifications and funding with ineptitude that legal experts have described as “bonkers.”

Is This the Beginning of the End for Joe Biden?

According to The Washington Post, Virginia Senator Mark Warner is assembling a group of fellow senators to urge the president to exit the 2024 race.

Joe Biden exits a room in the White House
Andrew Harnik/Getty Images

Virginia Senator Mark Warner is looking to assemble a supergroup of Democratic lawmakers to force President Joe Biden out of the 2024 presidential race.

The Old Dominion senator has told people that he no longer believes Biden has enough sway with voters to prevent another Donald Trump presidency, according to two sources that spoke with The Washington Post with the condition of anonymity.

Warner’s spokesperson Rachel Cohen refused to either confirm or deny Warner’s current beliefs about Biden’s ability. “Like many other people in Washington and across the country, Senator Warner believes these are critical days for the president’s campaign, and he has made that clear to the White House,” Cohen told the Post.

So far, Representatives Lloyd Doggett, Raúl Grijalva, and Seth Moulton have formally called on the president to exit the race, but many more have signaled their preference in subtler ways, including legacy politicians like Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the latter of whom suggested that growing concern over the candidates’ ages was a “legitimate question.”

Panic over Biden’s age and ability has consumed the Democratic Party since the president’s abysmal debate performance last week, during which he appeared dumbfounded and frail through the majority of his first 2024 matchup against Donald Trump. Since the face-off, droves of private-sector leaders, donors, and consultants have urged Biden to call it quits, looking for spontaneous alternatives to a candidate that they openly describe as “comatose” and “dead.”

“The Case for Kamala”: Anonymous Memo Makes Rounds Among Democrats

Some Democrats are pushing for Kamala Harris to be the 2024 nominee instead of Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris smiles while at a lectern
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

An anonymous document titled “Unburdened by What Has Been: The Case for Kamala” is circulating in Democratic circles, according to CNN, as discussions for Biden to leave the Democratic ticket swirl among Democratic donors and party leaders grappling with his debate performance last week. “We have one goal: defeat Trump,” the subheading for the document reads. “Like it or not, we have one realistic path: Kamala.”

Deriving its name from a line frequently espoused by Vice President Kamala Harris, “Unburdened by What Has Been” breaks down the pros and cons of Harris being chosen to replace Biden on the ticket—and treats Biden stepping down as a foregone conclusion. The document acknowledges her abysmal approval numbers and proclivity for peculiar gaffes—such as nearly calling Biden the vice president during a July Fourth event—to her unpopularity as the face of the Biden administration’s immigration policies. Those pitfalls are weighed by the document’s authors against Harris’s “massive structural advantages” of already being on the ticket alongside the potential to energize support among “younger/POC voters we’re bleeding” on issues such as abortion, jobs, climate change, and LGBTQ+ rights.

The document, authored by anonymous self-described “senior operatives within Democratic political institutions that will not be taking a position regarding this crisis,” functions as something of a playbook for like-minded readers with influence to “make noise in support of this basic premise: Kamala is the only viable option to succeed Biden, and if she gets the nomination, she can win.” As CNN notes, while the document’s authors are unknown, it has circulated “in group chats of Democratic donors and leading coalition groups.”

“Running as a Presidential candidate will allow Harris to present herself in a more commanding light,” the document argues in contrast to current skepticism of Harris. “She’ll be a prosecutor going up against a convicted felon; a woman fighting against the man who ended Roe v. Wade. The headlines write themselves.”

“To be clear: this isn’t an argument about deservedness, or about why you personally should love Kamala,” the document states. “This is about strategy and winning in the face of unimaginable electoral stakes. The anti-Trump coalition cannot afford to discount the strengths of the nominated Democratic running mate and current vice president. She’s not the best option—she’s the only realistic option to win.”

Beyond pitching Harris as a viable alternative, the document explores “the Kamala scenario” against “the chaos scenario” built on the basis of Biden agreeing to end his candidacy. The document argues that the “Kamala scenario”—where Biden steps aside and encourages his delegates to back Harris at the DNC—would cast Biden as “a modern-day Cincinnatus—the reluctant hero who took up his sword to protect democracy, delivered transformational legislative achievements, and passed the torch to a historic figure from the next generation.”

Whether anything comes of the document or public calls for Biden to step aside is ultimately up to Biden: Biden and the White House have both said he has no plans to leave the ticket. A New York Times/Siena poll released Wednesday reports Trump’s lead against Biden has grown since the debate. To date, three House Democrats have publicly called for Biden to drop out, joining 14 governors and members of Congress who have expressed concerns about Biden remaining in the race. Former Democratic House Representative Tim Ryan declared Harris should be the party’s nominee, and Representative James Clyburn has also hinted at the same.

Is Joe Biden Even Making Top White House Decisions?

A troubling new report suggests that a great deal of administration policy is being made without the president’s knowledge.

Joe Biden looks down at the debate.
Joe Biden winces and closes his eyes as he does a terrible job in the debate.

A West Wing official is sounding the alarm over the aging president—and this time it has little to do with his health.

The official, who refused to divulge their policy area, age, or gender in an interview with Semafor, feared that some policy decisions were “being made without” Biden’s knowledge and claimed that it was unclear to even some staffers involved in the West Wing policy process just how many policy proposals were reaching the president.

“I’m super proud of the policies,” the person told Semafor. “I’m talking to you because I’m incredibly upset and scared for the country and I would like to do what I can.” Several Biden administration officials rejected the account, telling the publication that Biden is “in the middle of everything” and is “sweating every relevant detail.”

“He signs off on everything,” White House deputy chief of staff Bruce Reed told Semafor. “Many of us have sat with him as he’s made hundreds of decisions.”

“Nobody has the authority to freelance,” he added.

Top White House economist Jared Bernstein described Biden as a president who “makes decisions on everything from student debt relief to 301 tariffs to housing policy.”

Panic over Biden’s age and ability has consumed the Democratic Party since the president’s abysmal debate performance last week, during which he appeared dumbfounded and frail through the majority of his first 2024 matchup against Donald Trump. Since the face-off, droves of private-sector leaders, donors, and consultants have urged Biden to exit the race, looking for spontaneous alternatives to a candidate that they openly describe as “comatose” and “dead.”

Trump Advisers Plot Game Plan to Take on Threat of Kamala Harris

Donald Trump’s team is reportedly concerned about a potential Kamala Harris at the top of the ticket.

Kamala Harris clasps her hands and smiles in pure joy. A lectern is in front of her and three U.S. flags are behind her.
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s advisers are reportedly already preparing a playbook for dealing with Vice President Kamala Harris, amid swirling rumors that she might be tapped to replace President Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for president in 2024.

Trump’s advisers seemed adamant that Harris would struggle to retrieve support from blue-collar workers in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, according to Axios. One Republican operative even suggested that the Democrats should leak the likely abysmal polling on Harris from these states, if they want to end the speculation that she could replace Biden. It’s likely that this would be central to their campaign against Harris, should she run.

Blue-collar workers are a demographic Trump has been particularly anxious to capture; he recently began touting the promise of a policy to end taxes on tips, hoping it would secure the working-class vote in states vital to a presidential victory.

Trump’s campaign has already begun using Harris as a foil for this particular policy. On Thursday, the campaign turned a candid video of Trump calling Harris “so f*cking bad,” which was obtained by The Daily Beast, into promotional material about the policy, because Trump happened to be tipping a caddy as he railed against Biden and Harris from the golf course.

Trump’s other angles of attack would be that she is liberal, inexperienced, weak on border security, and hostile to corporations, according to Axios. He’s already started making fun of her for her weird laughter during public appearances.

Trump and his allies have good reason to fear a potential Harris run. Harris, who is nearly two decades younger than Biden and Trump, would likely appeal to independent and Democratic voters who have expressed interest in a younger candidate. She could also potentially increase voter turnout among women, who tend to vote in greater numbers than men.

Harris, who has been a sharp critic of measures restricting abortion across the country, could help to recenter the overturning of Roe v. Wade as the key issue in the upcoming election. Abortion access was a winning policy point for Democrats during the 2022 elections and could ensure a renewed wave of enthusiasm and turnout in November.

More Democratic Megadonors Abandon Biden

More and more power brokers are urging Biden to get out of the race.

Joe Biden, wearing sunglasses, waves while his mouth hangs open as he stands atop a flight of airplane steps.
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images
Joe Biden waves, mouth agape, as he enters Air Force One on Friday.

Dozens of business leaders have called on President Joe Biden to pull out of the 2024 election, urging the 81-year-old Democratic candidate to preserve democracy and “cement your legacy.”

“We respectfully urge you to withdraw from being a candidate for reelection for the sake of our democracy and the future of our nation,” the letter to senior White House officials read.

The open letter, organized by the pro-Democrat Leadership Now Project, received 168 signatures but continued to receive more after it was delivered. Among its signatories were Walmart heiress Christy Walton, former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, billionaire investor Mike Novogratz, and former Google executive Ning Mosberger-Tang.

“First and foremost, our number one concern is the risk that former president [Donald] Trump presents to the economy, to national security and the risk that he undermines rule of law,” Daniella Ballou-Aares, the CEO of the Leadership Now Project, said in an appearance Thursday on CNN, noting that the coalition of business leaders no longer believe that Biden will be able to sway enough voters to prevent another Trump presidency. Among their top concerns, per the letter, is the threat that Trump carries with regard to global and domestic instability, the abandonment of foreign allies, “crony capitalism,” political retribution, and further erosion of civil rights for women and minority groups.

“We are also engaging with members of Congress in the House and the Senate, making our concerns heard and sharing those of course also with the White House and the administration,” Ballou-Aares added. “We know that we alone will not drive this decision but we believe that adding our voice to it and encouraging others to come forward and recognize the risk and severity of the situation is our obligation, frankly, to this country.”

In the letter’s closing words, the coalition of private-sector leaders appeals to Biden’s nationalistic duty, recalling one of the biggest political junctures in early U.S. history in urging the president to pass the torch, “just as George Washington did.”

Trump Tries, Fails to Distance Himself From Project 2025

It’s still his blueprint for governing, no matter what he says.

Donald Trump smiles as he stands behind a lectern at a Heritage Foundation event in 2017.
Donald Trump at a Heritage Foundation event in 2017

On Friday, Donald Trump claimed that the Heritage Foundation’s radical Project 2025 plan—which lays out a course for uprooting American democracy as we know it, and has been elevated by Trump’s allies—has “nothing to do” with his run for president.

“I know nothing about Project 2025,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “I have no idea who is behind it. I disagree with some of the things they’re saying and some of the things they’re saying are absolutely ridiculous and abysmal. Anything they do, I wish them luck, but I have nothing to do with them.”

How can Trump both know nothing about Project 2025 and “disagree” with it? He doesn’t say. But it’s clear that he recognizes that the plan is a growing political liability.

The public severance came two days after Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts issued an ominous warning for leftists, ahead of what he called a “second American Revolution.”

“We are in the process of the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be,” Roberts said on Steve Bannon’s podcast War Room, celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling earlier this week on presidential immunity.

“In spite of all this nonsense from the left, we are going to win. We’re in the process of taking this country back,” Roberts said.

Trump’s campaign has grown increasingly frustrated by reporting on the affiliation between the campaign and Project 2025’s agenda, despite their apparent linkage, and the program’s intention of serving as the former president’s wish list if and when he returns to office next year.

Project 2025 reflects Trump’s core political philosophy and has been boosted by key allies, including former advisers Stephen Miller and John McEntee. Trump’s own super PACs have run ads highlighting Project 2025’s policy goals. And as much as Trump wants to distance himself from the conservative apparatus, Project 2025 has been thoroughly involved in staffing a future Trump presidency: Roberts has claimed the project has already “trained and vetted” more than 10,000 people to replace executive branch employees should the presumptive GOP presidential candidate win in November. But they may have more on the way—in November, Trump allies claimed they were looking to install as many as 54,000 pre-vetted Trump loyalists to the executive branch via a “Schedule F” executive order.

“Never before has the entire movement … banded together to construct a comprehensive plan to deconstruct the out-of-touch and weaponized administrative state,” Project 2025’s director, Paul Dans, told Axios at the time.

Regardless, senior Trump advisers have warned news outlets against reporting on the connections. In statements to both Reuters and The Wall Street Journal, Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita pointed to Agenda47 as the official platform of the Trump campaign, noting that “unless a message is coming directly from President Trump or an authorized member of his campaign team, no aspect of future presidential staffing or policy announcements should be deemed official.”