Stephanie Heimann

Photo Director

Stephanie Heimann is the Photo Director for the New Republic. She is recipient of the 2017 Magazine Picture Editor of the Year  from the National Press Photographers Association. A veteran photo editor, she has worked on many international and domestic magazines and books, including  Newsweek, Fortune Small Business, Scientific American, and New York Magazine. She was the photo editor for Al Gore on his book Our Choice, the sequel to Inconvenient Truth. She spent 8 years living as an expatriate in Hong Kong and Moscow, where she worked as a photo editor and photojournalist covering post-Soviet culture and the first war in Chechnya. She is the founder of the non-profit Fovea Exhibitions, where in a volunteer capacity she oversees photojournalism exhibits on topical and social issues.

Combat Cameras

Photographers Joel Chapman and Hector Rene are former soldiers who use art history to explore military and institutional power.